Thoughts for the New Year


Thoughts for the New Year

January 2014

If we slice time in years, this new beginning resembles a breath of fresh air, bringing hopes and thoughts and dreams filled with the desire of a just society with opportunities to all. Development is meaningful and valuable only if all can benefit from it.  I see this world drifting inconsistently, like a boat turning around itself, without a compass, without values, without sound conceptions. However, all is not lost. There is a strong stimulus, for example, in the concepts transmitted by Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation titled “Joy of the Gospel” (“Evangelii Gaudium”, of November 2013)

Francis says: “The commandment ‘You shall not kill’ establishes a mandate to respect human life. So this mandate must apply to an economic system based on inequality and exclusion…” Francisco adds that “Such an economy kills – and as long as the roots of this inequality are not faced, we will not find any solution to the problems of the world”. He also proposes:

No to an economy of exclusion;

No to the new idolatry of money;

No to money that rules, instead of serving its purpose.

Identifying and recognizing the problem is the first step to solve it. This bold and timely exhortation by Francis must be read and meditated upon.

I cannot believe that some come to the world to live from charity, and others to live in ostentation and waste.


We practice charity when we cannot impose justice. It is not charity that we need. Justice corrects the causes of need; charity reaches the effects”. (french writer Victor Hugo)


“I do not mean that we should not help with a bowl of soup or warm shelter those who live in the streets. There are urgencies. I do this, but my conscience is not appeased, because I think we must fight the structural causes that bind these people in injustice. The saddest thing is that people get used to injustice. And I say: ‘Wake up! Be ashamed! Let us reject injustice!’” (Monsignor Jacques Gaillot)


“Rotary will continue to be charitable, but it can do more than that. Let us make Rotary terminate the cause that renders charity necessary”. (Paul Harris, “The Rotarian” of August 1916)

I have also been following, with enthusiasm, the academic movement “Rethinking the Economy” that started in France, in the year 2000 and spread to Germany, Canada, Chile, England and the USA.  In its origin, it required the end of “autism in the teaching of economy” as a discipline. Students criticized, especially, the “uncontrolled” use of mathematics in the lessons of economy, as if it were “an end in itself”. And its failure in attaching to the real economy, as well as the prevalent  dogmatism and the lack of intelectual pluralism in its teaching, that left no room for critical thinking in general, or for alternative approaches to economic  theory, specifically. Paul Krugman said: “As I see it, the profession of economist suffered a major setback, because economists as a group mistook the beauty and the sophistication of mathematics for the truth”.


“Individuals who buy and sell goods to generate profit, without any idea of how these goods can affect the planet or the life of people, this is a question ignored (in the teaching of economy), but it must be a concern for all of us”.  The idea is not to ignore the teaching of mainstream economy, but to understand that the plurality of perspectives is strictly necessary. This atitude of the students of Manchester focuses on the inadequacy of the teaching of economy in the world we live.


This focus of young students makes me believe that there is a solution. These kids are much better attuned to real life than us from the old guard! 


Real facts show, indisputably, that all economic options: keynesianism, structuralism, supply side economy, neoliberalism and so many others, did no more than find a compromise solution between unemployment and inflation – an offense to human intelligence!!! Only a new social pact that assures nutrition, health and education for all, with total freedom to manufacture and consume, can be a redeeming solution for the human race.    


There is a sound that brings peace, purifies the environment, exalts the noblest human feelings, soothes the soul in moments of affliction, stimulates meditation and feeds the spirit – it is the Gregorian chant: access it at:


May such peace of mind accompany you and your Family in this year that has started!

Best wishes,

Ronaldo Campos

4530 DG 2008-9 – Brasilia – DF – Brazil


De: Wilfrid Wilkinson []
Enviada: segunda-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2014 14:50
Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: RE: Thoughts for the New Year


Dear Ronaldo

Thank you for sharing your thoughts as we embark on the year 2014. As always you raise some serious problems that our leaders seem to ignore year after year. When I have an opportunity to address Rotary Clubs and other organization I will do my best to communicate your warnings and quote from the people you have identified including Pope Francis. This new Pope is obviously being recognized as a change maker. I just returned from the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego and the incoming Rotary District Governor from the Rome District was giving out badges with a picture of Pope Francis to identify the geographical area of his District.

Thank you for your kind greetings for 2014. I regret to inform you that my dear wife of 57 years has passed away.

Warmest Regards


Wilf Wilkinson


De: RK Saboo []
Enviada: sábado, 25 de janeiro de 2014 06:14
Para: ‘Ronaldo Carneiro’
Assunto: RE: Thoughts for the New Year


Dear friend Ronaldo, I have received your very thoughtful message for the New Year.  You have given the thoughts of the New Year by quoting the great personalities and giving their relevant messages.

As I have gone through these thoughts I feel richer and am thankful for the collection of wisdom you have passed on together with your greetings and  good wishes for the New Year.

With deep appreciation and thankfulness I wholeheartedly reciprocate your sentiments and wish you and your family a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2014.  May the best you hope for be the least that you get and may God hold you and your family on the palm of His hand during this year and beyond. Warm regards, Raja


De: Brian D. Thiessen []
Enviada: domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014 04:09
Assunto: Salutations,


And MUITO OBRIGADO for the greetings from Brasil!

I appreciate your message and the truths it contains.  Many thanks for all you do for your community, for Brasil, and for the world of Rotary and beyond



De: []
Enviada: domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014 02:46
Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: Re: Thoughts for the New Year


Dear PDG Ronaldo,
Greetings to you and family.
I am in total agreement with your views. I feel even in rotary we are deviating away from the core values of rotary and we have to make all realise the in our core values we have a direction to give to all.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and do keep me in loop with your wonderful thoughts.
Faiz Kidwai


De: Dr. Monty Audenart []
Enviada: domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014 01:50
Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: Re: Thoughts for the New Year


Thank you for this thought provoking message.


Aide to RI President Ron Burton 2013-2014

Trustee of the Rotary Foundation 2013-2017

Tel. (403) 346-1053

Cell (403) 505-1053

De: Bob Scott []
Enviada: domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014 13:15
Para: ‘Ronaldo Carneiro’
Assunto: RE: Thoughts for the New Year


Ronaldo – Many thanks for your thoughtful message.

Ann and I wish you and yours all the best from us and ours.




De: Gilbert Trujillo []
Enviada: domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014 13:04
Para: ‘Ronaldo Carneiro’
Assunto: RE: Thoughts for the New Year


Thank you for this great message.  The best to you and yours.


De: Omar Adi []
Enviada: domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014 16:18
Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: Re: Thoughts for the New Year


Gracias por tu envío, Ronaldo, siempre lúcido, motivador e inquietante.

Un fuerte abrazo.

EGD Omar Adi Córdoba



De: Beth Thomas []
Enviada: segunda-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2014 07:46
Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: Re: Thoughts for the New Year

Dear Ronaldo – Many thanks for your most inspiring and persuasive message below.   I am personally involved in a programme I call “Peace and Plenty for ALL in AFRICA”  Many of your sentiments shared in your message are very applicable in Africa too.

Best regards for a great year spreading your message.

Beth Thomas

PD9400G – 2009-2010

Chairman – Southern Africa Division of Rotary Leadership Institute

De: Sonia Uribe []
Enviada: segunda-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2014 13:57
Para: ‘Ronaldo Carneiro’
Cc:; ‘Sonia Uribe’
Assunto: RE: Thoughts for the New Year


I hope this very well, as did his wife and children …
It was a real pleasure to hear from you, Alberto and I were reading his mail yesterday which we liked a lot because it is a very deep reflection. I hope all this very well by her district and soon we can share special moments.
For now we would like to inform us about your district, and conference and we should be making the trip all the settings. Alberto and I are excited about sharing with you.
sincerely Alberto and Sonia
Sonia Uribe
EGD 2009 – 2010
D 4280

Sonia Uribe López


Fundación Monica Uribe por Amor

Tel 2502428


De: Frederico Abbott Galvão []
Enviada: segunda-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2014 02:19
Para: Ronaldo CamposCarneiro
Assunto: Thoughts for the New Year

Dear Ronaldo – Thank you for your beautiful message, and please receive my best wishes for this new year. All the best, Freddy

De: A.T. Ariyaratne []
Enviada: terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2014 23:36
Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: Re: Thoughts for the New Year


My dear Rolando, Thamks for your new year thoughts. I am happy that what Sarvodaya has tried to do for the last 55 years os now being endorsed by even Pope Francis. Wish you a great new year. A.T.Ariyaratne




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